Ayanda (2015)

Teenage Stories / 1h 46m / Feature / Fiction


Ayanda is twenty-one, trendy, beautiful and brave. But above all, Ayanda is a dreamer, and the most charismatic resident of the vibrant and kaleidoscopically Afropolitan neighbourhood of Yeoville, Johannesburg. In both her demeanour and her work, the charming Ayanda makes a habit of bringing light and life into the world around her, making a living off her knack for upcycling the industrial debris of urban life into objects of Afro-chic beauty. Working in her father’s automechanic workshop is a way for her to remain connected to his spirit, despite his death eight years earlier, until dark secrets rear their ugly heads and threaten to strip her of all that is dear to her. In this fresh and important portrait of urban African femininity, Ayanda has to battle not only the odds, but her own inner demons to come to the truth of what is really important in her world.

Directed by Sara Blecher


English, Sesotho, Zulu
English Subtitles
South Africa
South Africa
Southern Africa


Sara Blecher <sarab@iafrica.com>