Aventures de Wambi (Les) Season 4 (2004)

Children's Stories / 13m / Short / Fiction


Les Aventures de Wambi' is a series of 60 thirteen-minute episodes. It tells the story of a 12-year-old child, Wambi, who lives with his grandparents in a village not far from the city. Wambi is teased and traumatised by his classmates because he doesn’t know who his parents are. At his grandfather’s funeral, Wambi learns that his father is in prison. He runs away to the city where he hangs out with delinquent friends and ends up in prison himself. There he meets his father and learns his mother is the village madwoman, but she has disappeared and gone to the city. Wambi returns to the city looking for his mother. This time a new adventure begins for Wambi...

Directed by Tahirou Tasséré Ouédraogo


English Subtitles
Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso, France
West Africa