Amina My Daughter (2007)

(Part of compilation 'Ikon South Africa Collection: Basement Bioscope Collection Vol.2')

Refugee / 14m / Short / Documentary


My daughter, Amina, will be turning 13 this year in July. Her childhood memories are not of her birth country, The Democratic Republic of Congo previously known as Zaire. The only memories she has are of Cape Town, where she has been living since she was four. Since losing their mother, Elise, two years ago, I am rising Amina and her 15-year-old brother, Mark, as a single parent. We have been living as Refugees in South Africa since 1998. This film is a dialogue between a father and daughter. The film serves to reflect how many other Refugee families are dealing and viewing the identity crisis which they see their children experiencing.

Directed by Makela Pululu


English, French
English Subtitles
South Africa
South Africa
Southern Africa


Makela Pululu
T:+27 21 933 1514