Ivresse d'une Oasis (L') (2011)

Ashes of Dreams

1h28m / Feature / Documentary


"This is our first holiday to the Comoros Islands. Here, they call us 'I come from' and the family is 'I stay'. The Comoros were a projection for us. And for you it was a land to come back to. You always raised us with the myth of the eternal return. As long as the house wasn't finished, we could not go. It is still not finished but we are here without you. Between us women, I filmed each of our first steps in your Motherland, for you. "
This movie-letter is for my father who had this dream: me and my sisters living in the Comoros. It never happens. This movie-letter is also a road-movie all around the 4 Comorian Islands.

Directed by Hachimiya Ahamada


Comorian, French
English Subtitles
Belgium, Comoros, France
East Africa
Ivresse d'une Oasis (L')