Inside Story (2011)

HIV/Aids / 1h38m / Feature / Fiction


On a dusty soccer pitch in Kenya, young Kalu is an aggressive striker who dreams of playing professional soccer. He’s a clear stand out on his team and knows he’s destined for glory. Then one day his life dramatically changes, when he is unknowingly exposed to the HIV virus.
He makes the decision to go play soccer in urban Johannesburg and discovers he’s no longer a local hero. He even meets aggression from his own team. All the while, inside Kalu's body a battle for his T-Cells rages as the HIV virus spreads. As Kalu struggles to find his way in a strange place, he begins to make friends, and turn rivals into teammates.
The battles on and off the field are the backdrop for a remarkable journey that unfolds the mysteries and reveals the facts of the HIV virus within Kalu. Together, we race past skin, bone, and muscle to reveal the high stakes game going on inside his body. We see the HIV virus' relentless attack of the body, previously normal T-Cells transfigured, and how the body tries to fight back.
Kalu struggles and triumphs as a soccer player and in his relationships, and as he confronts the challenges of HIV, he ultimately realises that knowledge is power.

Directed by Rolie Nikiwe


English, Swahili
English Subtitles
Kenya, South Africa
South Africa
East Africa, Southern Africa
Inside Story