Gold Tears And Music (2003)

Part of 'Rhythms From Africa' series: 1. Gold Tears and Music 2. Our Language, Our Music, Our City 3. Scratch, Mix And ....? 4. Taarab, An Ocean of Melodies

Music/ Dance / 52m / Feature / Documentary


Johannesburg is 112 years old. It was built over gold mines in and around gold dumps by black people from throughout Southern Africa. They shaped the city and its distinctive sound - Marabi - which is to South African jazz what the blues is to American jazz. This film traces the creation of marabi through to Kwela and Mbaganga, and explores the lives of those who made the music. It characterises the post-1994 period in South Africa and features Pops Mohamed as a griot for the 21st century.

Directed by Abdulkadir Said


Afrikaans, English, Tsotsital
English Subtitles
South Africa
Mauritius, Somalia, South Africa
Southern Africa


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