Elmina (2010)

Family Issues / 1h44m / Feature / Fiction


Ato Blankson (Doug Fishbone) is a farmer in a village in Elmina, in the western coastal region of Ghana. His wife, after years of marriage, has not borne him a child, so as custom allows, he marries another woman. Yet ever since marrying the young and beautiful Sekyiwaa, who does bear him a child, his life has been miserable.
The months leading to the annual Bakatue (‘opening’) festival, to mark the beginning of the fishing season, are somewhat different for Ato this time around. His younger wife has run away and left behind her baby. He is also fighting an order by the corrupt local chief and a Chinese petroleum company to vacate his farmlands for an insultingly small sum, as they sit atop newly found oil fields.
Elmina follows Ato’s compelling journey to find his wife, retain his lands and hold on to his pride against overwhelming odds. It is a story of love, magic, greed, globalisation, betrayal, identity and hope. It also includes a revolutionary act of inter-racial casting, that offers a completely new way of storytelling, in Fishbone’s unexplained presence in the lead role of a domestically produced African feature – a white Jewish man from New York playing a role that would normally be played by a black West African actor.

Directed by Emmanuel Apea Jr.


Ghana, United Kingdom
West Africa