Affaire Chebeya, Un Crime d'Etat? (L') (2012)

Chebeya Affair, A State Crime? (The)

Dictatorship/ Corruption / 1h36m / Feature / Documentary


Floribert Chebeya was a human rights activist who had survived Mobutu Sese Seko's dictatorship and the subsequent civil war. On 2 June 2010, his body was found in a car near the capital, Kinshasa. The police quickly painted a scenario that made Chebeya the routine victim of a crime with sexual connotations. However, this version of the events broke down after an investigation in which the police were implicated. The government agreed to bring some of the highest police officials to justice in a military court, handing out stiff sentences to those found guilty and awarding compensation to the victims. The film covers more than just the police case, but provides a survey of life in a country that is between dictatorship and democracy, between opacity and justice.

Directed by Thierry Michel


Dutch, English, French
English Subtitles
Congo, Democratic Republic of
Belgium, Congo, Democratic Republic of
Central Africa
Affaire Chebeya, Un Crime d'Etat? (L')


Isabelle Harssen
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