Djassa a Pris Feu (Le)

Burn It Up Djassa

Politics / 1h10m / Feature / Fiction


A gritty, bare-knuckles plunge into the menacing streets and alleyways of the Ivorian capital of Abidjan. Directed with hand-held immediacy in just 11 days by 'nom de camera' Lonesome Solo, and shot on a minuscule budget but positively bursting with style and energy, this bleak portrait of a young cigarette seller caught up in a pointless murder provides a freshly desperate vision of modern-day Sub-Saharan Africa, where kids are left to fend for themselves while police come around only to pick up the bodies.
A raw, noir-tinged urban legend set to the cadence of slam poetry and the beat of street dance, Burn It Up Djassa signals the arrival of an exciting new artistic movement from Africa's Ivory Coast.

Directed by Lonesome Solo


French, Nouchi
English Subtitles
Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast
West Africa