Dis Ek, Anna (It's me, Anna) (2015)

Child Welfare Issues / 2h / Feature / Fiction


It’s Me, Anna is based on two top-selling novels by Afrikaans author Elbie Lötter and tells the harrowing story of Anna Bruwer (played by Charlenè Brouwer) who avenges years of abuse suffered at the hands of her stepfather. The viewer is drawn into the distressing and painful world of child sexual abuse, encountering the victims, the active perpetrators and those who are complicit through their silence. It’s Me, Anna is a local story with universal resonance, urgent and relevant to our times.

Told in flashback, this captivating, beautifully filmed and superbly acted drama has already been making waves in South Africa in anticipation of its theatrical release later in the year. It seems set to galvanise the South African film industry and to further cement director Sara Blecher’s reputation as one of the most important and talented voices working in the South African film industry at present.

Directed by Sara Blecher


Afrikaans, English
English Subtitles
South Africa
South Africa
Southern Africa