Desert Blues - Un Voyage Musical au Coeur du Mali (2007)

Desert Blues - A Musical Journey to the Heart of Mali

Music/ Dance / 1h / Feature / Documentary


Michel Jaffrennou's film "Desert Blues" is an opera-journey into the heart of Mali with some of its greatest musicians: Habib Koite, Afel Bocoum, and the women of the Tuareg group Tartit. His film is a musical invitation to voyage deep into the Sahara and the Niger River, a voyage across sand and water. Symbiotically, in tune with the world of the musicians and their music, it is about the creation of sound-images, of song-images that tell the story of Mali, the Mali of today, land of enchantment. The unifying theme is the stories related by the poets and griot musicians in their songs: stories of love, of struggles and of heroes ... in which the natural and supernatural co-exist as a part of everyday life. It is a musical tale, combining the real and the imaginary, weaving a spell of images and stories that enchants viewers and carry them off into the heart of Malian Africa, into its landscapes, its fantasies, as well as its everyday concerns. A film made up of music and songs, without any additional words, but with a multicultural perspective that should appeal to viewers all over the world

Directed by Michel Jaffrenou


English Subtitles
West Africa