Country For My Daughter (A) (2010)

Women's Issues / 54m / Feature / Documentary


A young girl plays in her front garden whilst singing a song. This though is not an innocent children's rhyme but a song about rape. South Africa faces a desperate battle against sexual violence but a few victories offer hope. Human rights activist and mother, Nonkosi Khumalo, revisits the stories, places, and where possible, the women, to discover how these experiences of horrific trauma have changed the way the law against rape is prosecuted. In doing so she asks the question: is South Africa a country for her daughter to grow up in? What she finds is that only public outrage and organised protest have the power to force the authorities to provide women and children with the protection and justice to which they are entitled. It is to be hoped that the dynamism, anger and compassion of Nonkosi will spur more South Africans to action rather than despair.

Directed by Lucilla Blankenberg


Afrikaans, English, Isi'xhosa
English Subtitles
South Africa
South Africa
Southern Africa
Country For My Daughter (A)


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