Confessions of a Gambler (2007)

Family Issues / 1h17m / Feature / Fiction


Abeeda Ariefdien is a 49-year old Muslim woman who wears double scarves, prays five times a day, is a wonderful mother, and a good friend. Left by her husband when she is nine months pregnant at the age of twenty-nine, Abeeda raises her four sons without a father. There is Zane, the eldest, 31, the twins (28), and Reza (27), who is gay. One day Abeeda goes to the casino with a friend, and wins R4,500. She is stunned by the winnings, and soon finds herself going back. Her addiction spirals out of control when she discovers Reza has Aids, and that he is dying. There is also Imran, the man she has loved her whole life and who is married to her sister, Zulpha. At the time they first meet, Imran is engaged to Zulpha, but soon falls in love with Abeeda. When her mother dies, this love affair comes to a head, and to avoid scandal and not to hurt her sister who had already been jilted once before... Written by Costa Theo

Directed by Amanda Lane


Afrikaans, English
English Subtitles
South Africa
South Africa
Southern Africa
Confessions of a Gambler