Comme un Uomo Sulla Terra (2008)

Like a Man on Earth

Refugee / 1h1m / Feature / Documentary


In 2005, a law student from Addis Ababa fled Ethiopia to escape violent political repression, setting off for Libya across the desert border. Once in Libya, he attempted to make his way to the Mediterranean, only to be caught by one of the numerous criminal gangs that control the route. After many ordeals he was betrayed by the gang to the Libyan police, and deported back to Ethiopia. Having eventually escaped to a refugee camp in Rome, this film is his attempt to bring together his own story with those of the many other refugees who have suffered in their attempts to escape brutality at home, stories of great suffering and great dignity. It is a journey of pain and dignity, through which Dagmawi Yimer voices his memories of unthinkable human suffering to denounce a tragic political and humanitarian situation.

Directed by Andrea Segre, Dagmawi Yimer


Amharic, Italian
English Subtitles
Ethiopia, Italy, Libya
Ethiopia, Italy
East Africa, Europe
Comme un Uomo Sulla Terra


Alessandro Triulzi: