Ceux de la Colline (2009)

Hillside Crowd (The)

Politics / 1h12m / Feature / Documentary


A makeshift gold mine on the remote Diosso hillside in Burkina Faso has attracted a swarm of gold-diggers and dynamite blasters, healers and dealers, vendors and prostitutes, children, holy men and barbers. Living in the promiscuous closeness of a crowded and improvised gold town, these men and women are recklessly determined to find the gold that will change their lives. The film explores their desperate quest for fortune and elusive happiness. The gold rush is relentless. Winner of the Diane Seligman Award for Best Documentary at the 2009 Brooklyn International Film Festival.

Directed by Berni Goldblat


Dioula, English, French, Gulmancema, Hausa, Moore, Poular
English Subtitles
Burkina Faso
West Africa
Ceux de la Colline


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