Burkinable Rising (2017)

1h 12m / Feature / Documentary


Burkinabè Rising, a new documentary from Cultures of Resistance Films, showcases creative non-violent resistance in Burkina Faso. A small, landlocked country in West Africa, Burkina Faso is home to a vibrant community of artists and engaged citizens who provide an example of the type of political change that can be achieved when people come together. Through music, film, ecology, visual art, and architecture, the artists featured are carrying on the revolutionary spirit of Burkina Faso’s first president Thomas Sankara. In addition to profiling individual artists, Burkinabè Rising documents a festival of recycled art and interviews groups of farmers who are standing up to the encroachment of corporate agriculture.

Displaying a panorama of creative resistance, the film shows how the resurgent Burkinabè pursuit of peace and justice manifests itself through cultural expression, permeating every aspect of daily life.


Burkina Faso
Burkinable Rising