Black Up That White Ass II (2004)

Animation (Youth/ Older) / 26m / Short / Fiction


An amateur cartoon from a bad artist. Features scenes of pornography from outset, which combine offensiveness with mind-numbing dullness. Also, no sense of pacing and a staggering sense of unwarranted self-importance.
Or, in the 'artist's' words:
"Influenced by the South African tradition of storytelling in the medium of woodcuts, Slasher gore, Z-grade gangster films, local politics, witchdoctors, kids cartoons, MTV, penis extension machines, arcadia, strip clubs, tabloid horror stories, and the lure of casinos, this film speaks to us about the universal themes of sex, love, violence, beauty, and things falling apart. With the meticulous appropriation of John Muafangejo, Big Wet Asses III, the Battle of Rorkes Drift in KwaZulu-Natal, the parable of the Good Shepard, and the Coen brothers’ Big Lebowski, Platter creates an ultra primitive, anti-aesthetic take on what it means to be alive today in South Africa."

Directed by Cameron Platter


No dialogue
South Africa
South Africa
Southern Africa
Black Up That White Ass II